The first thing you might notice about this post is that it’s been eight months since the last post. It’s not laziness; I promise.

Perhaps explanations are in order. I left the U.S. in late August 2008 to take a contract job for a UN Agency in Mozambique. In my office in the capital, Maputo, our internet connection can be sketchy. Outside of the office, I don’t have internet connectivity. Initially I was just coming over until the end of December. Had I known I would be here this long, I would have probably gotten internet in my house. Add the internet issue to the fact that I showed up here to start a new project from scratch that was already several months behind the eight ball, and it all adds up to no time for B&G.

But now I’m on my way out. My contract ends on April 30, and I’ve decided not to extend. In an attempt to record a few passing observations and impressions of my life in Mozambique before I leave, I’ll try to update B&G a few times over the next month.


About kimetime

Kimetime has lived some of his life in motion, some of it sedentary, all of it in hiding. Some people call him Jonny.
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One Response to Afreeka

  1. KP says:

    i'm soooo glad B&G is back! Now if we can get you back in NC..

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