My heroes have always been peaceful resistance leaders fighting against military juntas

I’m in love with Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Burma’s democratic party who was under house arrest in her own country for 15 years. She’s brave and bold and elegant, and she has tirelessly led her country’s peaceful resistence in a profoundly admirable way. Read about her. You’ll be inspired.

In September she’ll travel to the United States for the first time in 20 years and she’ll be honored as a Global Citizen at an awards dinner thrown by a think tank called the Atlantic Foundation. Also being honored: Henry Kissinger. Even if you think his particular brand of foreign policy based on the realist paradigm of international relations was worth it, even if your worldview is entirely Machiavellian, you have to admit that the two of them being honored at the same shindig is odd.

Kissinger is a Nobel Laureate, sure, but he’s also responsible for numerous deaths. In fact many writers, political analysts and historians have argued that Kissinger is a war criminal. For an example of Kissinger’s fingerprint on history, here’s a brief look at the U.S. involvement in the brutal invasion and occupation of East Timor by Indonesia.


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Kimetime has lived some of his life in motion, some of it sedentary, all of it in hiding. Some people call him Jonny.
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