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Alternative Titles for Sarah Palin’s Book

1) The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being an Idiot   Comment with your suggestions for other possible titles. Advertisements

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Artists and the Free Market: The Snuzz Story

Just over a week ago, I had the good fortune of attending Snuzzfest at Local 506 in Chapel Hill. Snuzz, a.k.a Britt Harper Uzzell, is a beloved North Carolina singer/songwriter/guitarist. I first saw him perform some time around the turn of the millenium at … Continue reading

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11 Reasons Not to Hate Technology: Reason 4, Podcasts

I haven’t actually come up with a list of 11 reasons, and I don’t know where I’d rank this if I did. But, along with political extremism and free porn, it’s something that seems very popular on the web these days. … Continue reading

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Jon and Kate Plus I Hope They Both Get Swine Flu

Many doomsday freaks like to reference current geopolitical events as evidence that the end is near. I say a better argument that we are now living in the End Times can be made after watching a few minutes of Real … Continue reading

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Kickin Chicken

As with many neighborhoods, mine is governed by a set of covenants.  For example, it is codified that residents may not keep livestock in my neighborhood.  It’s not something I’ve really given much thought to, save the brief, passing desire … Continue reading

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Wave of Mutilation: GRE remix

I just registered for the GRE again.  I’ve taken it, but it’s been more than five years, too long for universities to accept.  I think it’s all a scam: kickbacks and so forth.  Just like textbooks, a subject I’ll save … Continue reading

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